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HOW TO USE (trancelation)

STEP1 Please make your account

Please make your account first to watch all the contents in Qumomee. Once you made your account, you need to be logged in to watch all the contents. 

STEP2 Find your favorite contents.

You can search your favorite contents to watch sorted by UP COMING, SCHEDULE, ARCHIVE, and FREE WORD SEARCH.

Find from SCHEDULE 


Find from ARCHIVE


STEP3 How to buy tickets

Once you find your favorite contents, please move to product page and get your tickets. Some of the contents are FREE to watch and some are NOT FREE. You can use shop Pay(credit cards)/Google Pay/PayPal/Amazon Pay to check out.

STEP4 Access to Streaming Page

You can see the button "視聴する" that shows up on your MY PAGE.
Click that button, then you can move to Streaming Page.
*You have to be LOGGED IN when you access to Streaming Page.

STEP5 Enjoy Live Streaming


You can enjoy chatting(by vimeo) with watching your streaming contents. Please check your internet speed when you watch.


You can buy "Qift", which is the merchandise related to the Streaming contents. Click the image of blue coins below the screen. "Qift" goes to your "Cart" when you click the coins. Please do not forget to go to CHECK OUT PAGE otherwise you can not get your RETURN from buying "Qift".